Friday, March 7, 2008

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Discovery of explosives prompts evacuation of Tercero residence halls - Campus News

well from what i hear bout this on campus..this was just the media blown the event way out of proportion. but yea i guess despite all the terrible school events, they had to take this threat serious. from what i hear this guy just had some chemical materials, but nothing mixed or anything, and no final pipe bomb constructed. every kid goes thru a pyro stage in his/her life, wheter it be random fireworks, rocket engines, or to burning ants or rollie pollies in a match box. this guy was just experimenting, but pretty dumb for making it public leave stuff out becuase u r in a dorm with tons of ppl, they will get suspicious.. Do i think this guy was a threat? noo but do i think hes an idiot and am i glad he got arrested??? yes, even if this guy was simply experimenting, you still gotta have some street smarts.

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