Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday Night Thoughts

Well another week down, time is 3 weeks left of the quarter.

So i wanna make known this site i stumbled on last week. it is awesome..i recommend you all check it out. It is basically a sight of new ideas, whether real or just a dream..there r some real sweet creations..just a few:


PRIVACY URINALS..although i have nothing to hide

Theres also Iphone guitar....i recommend anyone that has an iphone and likes guitar to get the app. looks preetty tight

yea check that sight..pretty sweet other than that..week is looking ok...starting off nice and relaxing then ending with a brutal Macroecon midterm. Tomorrow i have a meeting with the Sigma Nu rep, and i will be hopefully pursuing job hirings. Also i will be submitting my resume to EBAY for a summer internship..looks promising...good night and stay classy

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  1. how does the corner cutting board save space? It seems like it would take up as much counter space as the traditional one. Those ideas suck.