Friday, February 22, 2008

Follow and Feel

well this week started out shitty, no particular reason, just alot of work and things on my mind...its pretty much the weekend and the week ended pretty good. yesterday i got my midterm back from Microecon...with the curve i ended up getting a high B..which im very proud about..i was above the average by like 5 points so i was happy..not to take any credit away..but i usually am right on the average or below..tugh competition here at davis.

Today i had my second microbiology midterm(Natural history of infectious diseases)..i think i did pretty good on it..way better than the last test..this test was on Tuberculosis, bubonic plague, syphillis and cholera..interesting stuff huh.

Lastly..the past week or 2 i have been seeing ads in the paper for Sigma Nu fraternity. i knew that sigma nu didnt exist on campus and only new of it because my bro JR was a sigma nu at UCLA. ..sigma nu did exist at davis until 1991..and now it is making an effort to recolonize, meaning basically start a new fraternity from the ground up. and that is what caught my eye..i have the opportunity to be a starting member of a frat at davis that could be around for a couple hundred years. although i never double glanced at frat life the past 3 yrs, i think this could be a great experience. this is not only a chance to build a frat from scratch, but with the process i will learn things for future careers as far as leadership skills and other stuff.

this all came on me tonite when i got out of my midterm early and remembered ther was an interest meeting for EN. so i said what the hell and gave it a try...bout 12 other guysther and from what i heard, i think this is a change for something great..the goal is to get around 20-25 men to build this bad boy is no easy process and will take some time.. i will say i am leaning towards it but it is no guarantee yet but is definitely something to think bout..let me hear ur thoughts on it..leave a comment or send me an electronic mail..night

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