Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Knowing nothing is better than knowing it all

well its been a rough day..and start to the week i guess. tonight marked r 4th consecutive intramural loss and a another poor, poor shooting display by yours truly. it also marks teh end of the season, yea thats right zero wins.. it was rough, sad basketball is over and its the 1st yr we havent made playoffs. anyhow, tmw i am goin in and registering for the ping pong tourney.

in addition, tmw I have my midterm in INTERMEDIATE MICROECONOMICS with emphasis in CALCULUS..ive been stressin bout this test for a good 2 weeks.and i can assure you, no matter how confident or how well i know this stuff, itll be a rough professor in simple words is an idiot, and doesnt know how to teach the material. i am not setting my self up for failure but it is slight comforting knowing that the rest of the class is in the same boat as i am. this is my first core class for my major and have been told its one of the toughest. tmw will make or break my week..and it is hump day.

so yea i got that test 1st in the morning..the rest of the day is filled with classes till 7 but ther is time in ther to pursue my ever so long job hunt.

come tmw night, ill be smooth sailin..with the good probability of knowing a did bad on a test scratchin at the back of my head. but it should be a good 21st bday weekend.

also tonite marks the return of one of my favorite shows JERICHO...i will download it tmw and watch im pumped...on another tv note..Prison Break is my favorite tv show to date..and keifer needs to get his act together to get 24 up and runnin again.

Music Pick of the Week: Michael Jackson 25th Anniversary Thriller Release

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