Monday, February 18, 2008

21st BDAY

So as you may or may not know..i celebrated 21 years of birth on Friday the 15. hard to believe, real hard ot believe..gettin old but still real young at the same time. so heres how the night went

The parentals decided to celbrate the occasion with a fabulous dinner in SF at Buca di Beppo, a fine italian restaraunt.. it was real nice, me, the parents, the bros and their girlfriends and Jeremiah (my roomate). Started it off with some great calamari and bruschetta, then came the gnochi, lemon chicken, pizza and green beans..with these i was cleansing my palette with some nice chianti vino and some good ole Samuel Adams. here r some pics from dinner

After a great and filling dinner we walked outside the restaurant and what is there waiting for me..but none other than a long stretch limousine. i was in disbelief, as i knew we would need a designated driver.but not in this type of style. it was a exciting shock..this idea was all collaborated by my bros..thats some love right ther. so we all hopped in the limo and dropped my parents off at their (sorry mom and dad) but this was goin to be a kid night. from there we popped the champagne and the jager and started cruisin in the limo..this is wher we bar hopped around various bars in the city..from what i can remember bar life was great..obviously not the first due to my 5 month stay in a foreign country...but yea it was fun, and the rest of the night gets hazy and rough as u can imagine certain things take control after countless drinks r fed ur way..but hey ur only have a 21st bday once in a lifetime..
so it was a great night..had tons of fun and cant wait to hit up the bar life that awaits me..thanks to the parents for the dinner and love, jeremiah for comin out/the jager and the shots, and thanks to the brohans for the limo, beers and spirits/shots, and a damn good 21st bday.

note: joes sundays night videos has been discontinued ..sry readers

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