Sunday, November 11, 2007


Arrived in Venice on Friday round 1. Crappy weather but still managed to capture this cool pic of one of the canals of the "City of Water". Friday was just a laid back day as all we did was go to the Accademia art museum. once again some sweet stuff but after all the museums in rome last week and my lack of art passion, it was just ok. its tough to be completely bedazzled after seein some of the most famous things in areas like firenze and rome. needless to say it had some interesting art and history.

That night we did the usual pre party in the hotel room then hit up Campo Margherita, a little plaza that consisted of several bars. Note: Venice night life was strugglin as bars closes as early as 130..however still a great time

Saturday was a day of walking, churches, bridges, canals ect. Started off at small churches and museums, but the highlight of the day were the Rialto Bridge and St Marks Basilica

Rialto bridge doest have Sh*% on the Ponte Vecchio but is still a cool bridge and i knew bout it thanks to the Venetian hotel in las vegas. Basilica di San Marco might have been on of the most spectacular sights i have seen on this trip so far. the entire roof and ceiling is made solely out of mosaics..i was able to snap this illegal picture as it was one of the sickest sights i have seen. picture does not show how colorful and amazing the roof actually was.
After that i had a grand old time in San Mark's square with all the dirty infested pigeons. it was a crazy experience and got some good laughs...videos to follow..perfect picture by the way
i also did not give into all the sleezeball gondoliers. although everyone views gondolas as a must do experience, i was not interested and decided to pass on the expensive dream with a price of almost 100 euros for 50 minutes. however im still appreciate how Venice is worldly known for gondola rides with singing Italian gondoliers
Saturday we did it all over again with campo margherita and another great night on the town.
Sunset picture from the Rialto Bridge

San Marco Square and Basilica at Night

opted out on the Guggheinheim museum on Sunday but made a good choice as it didnt get great reviews and modern art really doesn't really toot my horn. So me and some buds cruised the streets, played with some pigeons and just relaxed b4 embarking back to Firenze at 2pm

good, short weekend and another famous city crossed off the check list

Barcelona on Wednesday til Saturday, wll be reuniting with Ross my ex davis roomate and will be meetin up with some other peeps..gonna be a great time

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  1. Good to hear that you liked Venice. I too did not go to the Guggenheim as I think modern art is for pussies. I'm looking forward to Milan.