Sunday, November 18, 2007


Well this weekend was alotta fun...and it started out great. left on wednesday cuz the flight was bout 40 euros cheaper and i would only miss 2 classes. so on wednesday i had to go the the florence bus station to catch a bus to pisa airport, right has i walked outside of the ticket office i saw a young man smack some guy directly on the face with a glass bottle, bottle shattered on impact. it was awesome to say the least, dont really know what happen but im pretty sure i saw the climax..the men bounced and the victim was left a bloody mess. with this, i knew for sure it was gonna be a good trip. it was startin off fantastic. click pict to see better view
Flight went great and landed in barcelona around 5 oclock to catch sunset, the first of many. sun went down early ther around 530 ish.
That night Ross and I (ross is my roomate from UC davis and was one of the main reasons y i went to barcelona, along with the sights, i stayed at his apartment) we just relaxed and walked around barcelona, las ramblas (busy tourist street), and had tapas. also went in "el Corteingles" a store chain that is like a huge department store, bout 9 stories tall, they had everything

Next morning got up around 11 and headed to the La Sagrada Familia(The Holy Family) while Ross went to school. Sagrada familia is the worlds most visited contruction site. and it was definitely eye gazing. for those who dont know it is a church where construction began in 1882 and has been severely delayed due to funds and the spanish civil war. designed by antonio gaudi(big fan) either way construction is still goin on today and it is quite a site, supposed to be done by 2020 and i hope it does finish, cuz it will the sweetest church in the world

longest spiral staircase ive ever seen

So after 2hrs or so in the Sagrada Familia i went to meet ross back at his apartment. we then did a little hike to Park Guell. this park was also designed by Antoni Gaudi. this park is home to the worlds longest park bench. the picture below shows me and ross sippin some brews on a segment of the bench overlookin barcelona.

After that we continued up the park to a local hotspot(supposedly an area less known) to a cross area on top of the mountain. here we sat and enjoyed are beer to catch the sunset. fun times

That night we hung out with some of ross's friends, drank a bit and went to a local billiard club. weeknights in barcelona compare nothing to friday, sat and sun nights

Friday morning we headed out toward St Josep La Boqueria market. this place had every type of meat, fish, and fruit you could think of..great prices too. i got a orange banana fruit drink.

After that we walked towards the ocean to the Christopher Columbus statue. I told ross and his friend Marc that the monument had an elevator to the top..thanks to Lets Go Europe. so it definitely did and we went to the top, provided some good views of the port and the rest of bcn.

After that we continued closer to the water to check out Miramar, a little mall next to the water..wasnt really in the shoppin mode so we continued on.
havin fun with the camera

After this we went for lunch at some local tapas bar. we got chorizos, calamari, patatas bravas, muscles, and croquettes. very good

So then we started a trek up Montjuic, a mountain in barcelona.
sick barcelonian grafitti

At the top of Montjuic ther is a military fortress/castle. up there was bunch of canons and an amazing view of the entire view of the port of barcelona.

Once again we had another good timing with the Barcelona sunset.

So we chilled till the sun went down and headed back down. That night we went out for some girl's birthday dinner then went back a pre partied at some house for the night was filled with pub crawling. Me and Marc were feelin fooseball so we went out to the"Oveja Negra" the black sheep and tore it up in fooseball, unfortunately only to some brits, until some spaniard and his girl came and beat us by like 2 goals..either way fun fun times.. after that we met up with the group at some bars..dont remember the names but it was a good night in barcelona

Next morning i wanted to go and get a tour of the Barcelona soccer stadium(home of FCB. futbol club barcelona and some legendary players) unfortunately time was cramped and i didnt want to miss my flight so i didnt go inside and just got a look of the stadium from the is the largest stadium in europe.
And that pretty much concluded my trip. it was a good weekend. couple things i learned.
-i really like antoni gaudi and his work
- in barcelona, they dont speak spanish but catalan
- tapas are good
- barcelona reminds me of san francisco
- ross is a good host

So heres the gp(gameplan) for the next 2 weeks. This week is sadly my last real week of school. i have not done anything meaningful in florence, so i will be goin to a craploads of musuems, chuches, and sights this week. thanksgiving is on thursday (to u bargain shoppers black friday is friday, sleep outside of best buy and get some good deals)

next weekend i will relax and enjoy and party my last weekend in florence

then finals

then amsterdam dec 1-4 and prague 4-7 and family from dec 7-23 of december

peace out

ps. i missed the Used and Rise Against concert on Friday in Bologna..yes it would have been epic to say the least, but ide take a once in a lifetime experience in barcelona playin fooseball with true spaniards and barcelona pub crawling over a some some concert i can see in a couple months any day


  1. Classic Guido comment:
    "to u bargain shoppers black friday is friday, sleep outside of best buy and get some good deals"

    God dammit I love this kid.