Sunday, November 25, 2007


Hello all, crazy stuff...everyone leaves in less than a week. sad. finals r coming up..should be ok with those tho

So i have been tryin to keep busy enjoyin my last weekend in Firenze. Yesterday I finally got to the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia. Uffizi was pretty sick, strapped on the ipod and brought along Rick Steves Uffizi tourbook and i was all set. learned alot and saw alot. but lets be honest i have seen so many historic paintings and artwork on this trip, nothing was tooo eyecatching to me. Then headed to the Accademia which pretty much just offers Michaelangelos DAVID, and yes it was sweet...lot different seeing it indoors and the real thing. thing is gigantic.

I dont understand why these museums dont allow photos, even without flash. either way this thing is so famous and sick i had to sneak a picture.

Last 2 nights have been really fun, mostly including moderate drinking, music and cruising the streets of florence. Last night we went to Bebop, local live music club where a rolling stones cover band was playing...they were actually very good...stayed for a good amount of the set and it was lotta fun. currently tryin to find the songs i liked last night, as my rollin stones catalogue is strugglin

Ive been goin on some crazy photo sessions lately and really likin some of my work. tryin to get as much as this city has to offer on digital film. also lookin to finish up with a crazy florence video, but wont finish that till after xmas at home. anyhow enjoy the always click to enlarge.

adios, amsterdam in a week

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  1. Joey, Your blog is something I look forward to seeing every day.