Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving and (gay title i know)

So things have been great here lately, not like they haven't always but people r realizing time is dwindling down and everyone is tryin to make the most of it. Thanksgiving dinner last night with AIFS was amazing, nothin compared to home, but a great substitute. had dinner at some really nice palace hotel/restaurant. No mashed potatoes but some bomb stuffing, turkey and cranberry.

After that I met up with Greg and the night really took off. One of the best and most fun nights in Florence. priceless memories to say the least that r forever engraved in my head. hard to top night. period. Last night was actually the first night I had a solid conversation with italian women. Dont know how it all begain, but ther were these 3 italian ragazze and we started talkin...they didnt speak english and were just typical italian women, long dark curly hair and italian fashionly dressed. as they were not too attractive they were still really fun to talk too.. i remember how happy i was how i was spittin italian out so well.. then shit really took off when greg dropped the "His name is Giuseppe Guido Garibaldi". they didnt believe us, then showed him the id and everyone went crazy..either way it was funny and entertaining. anyhow heres a pict with me and the gregorio. (time unknown)
either way happy thanksgiving to everyone out ther, hope the turkey was good

So greg spent the night last night as we had more plans for today. Peroused the streets of Florence, greg got some souvenirs as San Lorenzo market. Then after I finally made it into the Duomo. pretty plain compared to all those huge and glorious churches in Rome.
Then after seein the inside...we climbed to the top. 463 stairs in total(one way). pretty sweet sight at the top overlookin all of florence, hope my panoramas come out ok.
got another haircut by the way...another great experience at the italian barber shop.
So yea we stayed up ther till dusk and it was a great time...then yea called it a day and greg headed back towards his villa at Sesto.

tomorrow i plan to once again make an attempt to make it to the Uffizi and Accademia.

on a side note, thers been some big doings with AIFS people. very unfortunate by the way as these guys were some close friends and were at the wrong place at the right time. basically these two guys(1 deported) and 1 still in jail, unfortuantely got into a fight with the wrong people...details r still unknown but it is very unfortunate and lotta ppl r pretty upset in out program being as ther is 1 week to go. details in the link


  1. As always, another great post. Definitely one of the best nights of my life. Good seein' you tonight, too. Sorry it wasn't as epic as Firenze, though. I read that article 'bout your buddies. Man that SUCKS!!!

  2. Never automatically beleive what you read in the paper. The truth is never that simple.


  3. Pics of Florence are beautiful. Can't wait to see the whole collection.