Friday, September 14, 2007


hello everyone...little small update. bout to go to the supermarket. then goin to get train tickets to Parma(place where Parmesian Cheese originated) then headin to Modena where the Ferrari factory..just makin a day trip to save funds for my bigger weekend trips.

Clubs r gey many hidden get in free..but wehn u come out they can charge u watever..but im not that dumb..luckily this palce last night called (full Up) the second we're bout to go in..bunch of americans come out fumin said they just paid 25euros...its just BS...they say its free, but bunch of stupid americans dont realize when u get out..theyll charge u. thats y we jsut like goin to the local bars and not the big time clubs...weve found some "free bars" with underground danceclubs..there alot of fun, and thers no worryin bout what there gonna charge u wehn u get out. internet time is diminishin so im out..later

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