Thursday, September 13, 2007

..........................(could not think of good title)

Howdy...been here for about 6 days and it is great. really likin the new apartment..great location and everything. stil need to show u some pictures of the is goin well..I really like my Mafia class..watched some of the Godfather yesterday. Italian class is alright, but i am extremely bitter. I somehow got a C+ in my orientation class in Viareggio. i knew i went into the final with no less than a B+. the final is worth 50% however we just received r final grades..not the grades of the final...i am in the process of arguing it cuz ther has to be something wrong. watever is has to be BS. my teacher loved me and i felt confident on the final. not gonna let that effect my stay at all tho.

Been goin out almost everynight...was able to watch some nfl games at this american infested pub...great win for the 9ers wasnt able to watch it due to the time difference but i read all about it.

So now that I am studyin here in italy i feel like I am sort of a local. just like anywhere where u attend college it becomes your town...and to be honest, there is tons of Americans...tons. That is why i liek gettin outside of town where there isnt all these ppl speakin yea i feel like a local..and all these damn tourists need to get out of here...there everywhere..i get annoyed walkin to school everyday. all the asian tours and indians..and the africans selling ther phony designer purses and rolexes.

thats bout it for now...looking to travel this weekend..but no one is very motivated..but if i have it my way we're goin somewhere this weekend..probly stay somewhere inside italy...thninkin about maybe goin north to milan to Lake Como or might go to Modena, IT with some friends to the Ferrari Factory


  1. wtf are your barcelona plans hombre?

  2. actually, you should head here this weekend and hang out with j-miah and I, he'll be here tomorrow night.