Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sunday Sunday Sunday

so Sunday..2 days ago..Jeremiah was still here..he left last night. Sunday we basically just cruised around the streets..watched african merchants run from the police.. went to a couple open air markets. it was fun...7 oclock was game time..the local sports bar was showin the 9ers game..we were pumped..till about the 3rd quarter when just got raped by the gey pittsburg steelers. I hate Ben Roethlisberger. EIther way it was fun to be in italy and drink some brews watchin the 9ers

That night we head out to Plaza Michaelangelo(my favorite spot in Firenze)..it was Me, Paul, Jeremiah, Stu and we decided to bust out r mini tripods..little did i know but there is some sick things u can do with cameras..Stu showed me this..basically its one of the sickest things ever. no photoshop used

supposed to read GUIDO


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