Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Long Overdue updates

please click this panorama so u can see it in all its glory.

sorry for the lack of updates..been pretty busy...probly gonna have a good 3 updates...including this video i made. so last week..Jeremiah, my roomate from UC Davis, got in to Florence. He was in Barcelona for couple days visiting r other roommate (ROSS) who is studying ther. Jeremiahs planes were 3 hrs delayed which killed r night..but the good nights were yet to come. WEdnesday we went to our favorite local american Bar FACES...which is all you can drink..quite the idea however it is tough to make a profit cuz us americans dont know how to drink responsibly. After that we went to one of the discotechs called YAB...it was a good time. the other nights were pretty much all the same..go out for a nice dinner...go to faces to pre party...then out to other clubs and bars. Saturday we took a day trip to a Tuscany Winery called Tavolese.

Me and Jeremiah

Baller italiano who was smashin the grapes

no caption needed

Winery was cool..gave us a nice lunch and had complimentary bottles of their wine.
Saturday night was another night out in Florence...went to Faces and then met up with Greg at a couple bars and had a great time with another hometown best friend

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