Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lido/Viareggio Orientation over...Firenze Domani

So heres the beach I have been chillen at for the past week...leave tomorrow for Florence..sad but excited...guess my apartment is located about a block from the Duomo...should be great and i am 20 minutes by foot from School. past couple of days just been relaxing..takin teh bikes all over town and its been fun..Stu's bike however got stolen tuesday night at the well see what happens..italian final tomorrow and have yet to study...should do fine tho
Above is just a picture of me on my cruiser and the mascot for Viareggio(a giant clown)

so im tired goin to bed...update on trips: booked Amalfi coast(Capri, Sorrento) and i believe I am good to go for Oktoberfest just need to clarify something with the train updated trip schedule is on the right..peace out..miss u all....happy opening day of football season...9ers r gonna come out roarin on monday night

to all u non savvy internet users...u can click the pictures too see a bigger photo

buona notte

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  1. I don't really see Barcelona on that list in any fixed way