Saturday, September 8, 2007


Hello all....i have arrived at my final destination...FLORENCE. it is pretty epic..i live 10 seconds from the Duomo. apartment is nice and small....2 bedrooms, 3 guys...meant for chix so all r stuff is pink...great location..near the bars and stuff. picts of the place r comin later...i was hopin to get some wifi at r place but couldnt pick up any friends who live couple minutes away get the net so thats where im at. here a picture of me and my Italian teacher from Viareggio...she was great..real nice italiana from Pisa.had r italian final yesterday..went well. Monday we start real classes...Mafia, Analysis of Italy, and intermediate italian 2.

yea this place is great..gonna be a great 3 months...night life is great..but there is jsut a ton of sleazy italians...hard to find r place lost last night but luckily i have the duomo as a great to everyone soon..night
pict of the duomo


  1. JOE...what street is your apartamento on?? i hope that you are haveing the time of your life! i started my italian CCR class and its pretty intense...wish u were abroad in the spring bc im going back to italia this spring to visit some friends who will be abroad. oh well. anyways i got horribly lost in florence..what out for that bell tower..after a few drinks i swear it switches sides...have fun be safe...dont walk alone at night.

  2. Ciao! Come stai? Ya cus I am in Itailian class to now. Flying home tomorrow for the niner game! Will sedn you an e mail all about it. Arrivederci