Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Music Tuesdays - UnderOath

My most anticipated album of the year is finally here. Today, UnderOath released "Ø (Disambiguation)," their 7th studio album. You've heard it before on here, they are the heaviest band in my music library and are one of my favorites. I don't often go for deep screams and heavy metal riffs but something about this band has always captured me. They are a Christian band with religious beliefs tied into their lyrics, but for me, the lyrics get pushed aside, I let the crushing breakdowns and thunderous screams take me away. Once their music is on, it's time to rock out. The mosh pit gets going and the adrenaline gets pumping. This album is their darkest and heaviest to date, and it's flawless. It is amazing to see this band deliver album after an album. They have yet to stop progressing and this album may be my favorite yet. 

Below is the music video for the single "In Division"

Click the link below to preview and download UnderOath's "Ø (Disambiguation)"
Ø (Disambiguation) [Deluxe Edition] - Underoath

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