Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Music Tuesdays - Matt Lucca

This weeks new music comes from one of my favorite solo artists, Matt Lucca. I first discovered Matt during his time in Rebelution, where I discovered his great vocals on their debut album, Courage to Grow. After the album release, Matt and Rebelution parted ways, and in my opinion, are desperately missing his vocals on their new material.  He provided a necessary diverse sound for the band. He is as good as a song writer as he is a singer. Some of my favorite tracks off Courage to Grow that showcase Matt are Courage to Grow, Ordinary Girl, Heart Like a Lion, and On My Mind.

Fortunately for us, Matt has continued to produce and create his own style of music in the recent years.  He is currently based out of the legendary coastal city, Santa Cruz, California.

His last project, Drum Major Instinct, was phenomenal. If you get into this, please check out his last album, Back to the Sun.

In his new project, Matt Lucca, continues right where he left Drum Major Instinct. The new album In Between Love and Hate portrays his soft yet powerful voice and greatly exemplifies Matt's deep passion for music.

Some of my favorite songs from the new album can be played below.

Purchase Matt Lucca's new "In Between Love and Hate" on  

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