Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back At It

After some time off from the blog world, I would like to think my life is getting back to normal after 5 months of legendary travel stories.

With that, a new blog layout and design is out. Had some html issues but gonna have to make due. I sold out too if you haven't noticed. Put some advertisements up to try to get some cash on the side.

On a similar note, this blog now has over 10,000 page views. There are bound to be some flaws in the count and most visitors are my reoccurring loyal readers, but i still think it is a pretty solid accomplishment having just been in existence for 3 years

The blog from here on out will once again transition away from a travel blog and have more posts to relevant current events, sport stories, and music. Music being such a great passion of mine, the blog will transform into a breeding ground for great new music out there. Tough luck but i like to think I have the best music taste in the world and I want everyone to know about it.

I consider this blog a passion of mine and will do my best to keep it current. Enjoy

Here is a look into the history of this grand site

August 2007 : Joe's Blog is created, just days before embarking on my trip to Europe

Late-August 2007 - Joe's love for traveling becomes apparent and posts stories from all over Europe

2008 After Europe -The Study Abroad edition dies and the blog contains current news and Joe's interests

September 2009 - The travel blog returns as Joe journeys around Australia and New Zealand

Present - A Place for People That Like What I Like...Joe's Blog

Joe - The man behind Joe's Blog

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