Saturday, March 6, 2010


Thursday March 4, 2010

I spent the day today in the historic town of Thames, only because my bus connecting to the Coromandel Peninsula didn't run today, so had to spend the day and night in the town. There wasn't much to do in town, which I was well aware of before arrival, again a shame with the bus not running daily. All because of the new bus schedule that started March 1.

Anyhow, made the most of nothing. The hostel ended up having a free bike rental, so I checked one out and cruised around on it all day. There was several networks of trail along the bay/marsh area. Reminded me a bit of Shoreline. Great place for sightseeing various specie of birds.

Ended up at a little park near a beach area and took a little snooze and got some skin color in the hot new zealand sun.

Hiring the bike also meant it was the first time i was operating some form of transport in down unders different road patterns. Even though I was on a bike it was strange being on the left side of the road.  Right hand turns at intersections were a bit dodgy.  I dont think I would have felt comfortable behind the wheel of a car.  Definitely would have taken awhile to get used to.

 For the night, realizing my days were numbered I picked up a 6 pack of my favorite Australian beer, VB.  Since supply is very limited in the states I figured I mine as well utilize it while I have access to it. Not many of my mates, in australia or new zealand really liked VB,for me one of my favorite beers.

The Mighty VB Stubby

I just discovered this the other day when I was looking at the bottle, it is produced by Fosters. And for those of you that are curious, I never saw a single can/bottle of beer of Fosters my entire trip down under. That beer is terrible anyway and shouldnt be claimed Australian.

It was a quiet night in Thames but enjoyed my beers and watched Van Wilder with some people. Great Movie

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