Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nelson to Greymouth

Saturday February 13, 2010

My tour bus company claims that their service is "not just about the destination, it's about the journey."  They couldn't be any more right. The bus rides from town to town here are phenomenal.  As having a car would provide more freedom with off the big town spots, the bus does a pretty good job at stopping at some great stops.  Many of the upcoming posts will just be the bus journey, sometimes being better than the actual final destination itself, including this post.

Bit backed up here, so really can't remember too much of the details, might have been raining this day.

Left the town of Nelson pretty early and were headed south to the town of Greymouth. The bus ride encompassed most of New Zealands "Wild West Coast." The first stop along the coast was Cape Foulwind. At the cape was a fur seal breeding colony and some picturesque coastal views. I was fascinated by the color of the sand.  Very smooth and rich in all sorts of minerals I'de imagine.

The next stop along the coast was in Paparoa National Park, home of the famous Punakaiki Pancake Rocks. These pancake rocks were an amazing sight, for sure one of Mother Nature's most unique gifts.  The sea was roaring and was crashing against these rocks pretty intensely, providing some high splashes up against the cliffs. It was a great stop

The town of Greymouth was a bore.  Even the driver said there was nothing to do and most of us questioned why the bus even stopped there overnight. I took the time there to buy some groceries and get a pretty good nights sleep

Found this ad in the hostel as I was taking advantage of the hostels magazine and book shelf.  Got a laugh out of it

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