Friday, February 26, 2010


Not much goin on today, very mellow travel day, just gearin up for the final push.

Left the beautiful city of Wellington around 8 this morning. Was a great 2 days/2 nights there, really enjoyed it.

Had a 5 hour bus ride into Napier, with not too many stop offs in between.  There was a coffee break where I of course got my cappuccino fix but other than a few toilet stops, not much to see or do on the way.

Napier is a small coastal town, and is referred to the "Art Deco Capital of NZ." As you may imagine, not really my sort of town.

The weather was very cloudy with a few showers off and on so wasn't missin out on too much.

By the time we arrived in Napier around 2pm, I had to deal with some upcoming travel obstacles. Basically the magic bus wasn't going where I needed to go so I had to find alternative means of transport, therefore leading to accommodation day changes. Was a bit of stress but think I got it all sorted out, just all part of the journey. I read a quote the other day which I really enjoyed, thought it somewhat exemplified the way I do things, "Overprepare, then go with the flow." I don't necessarily over prepare but I always have some sort of organizational structure intact.  Sometimes if I try to just go with things I find myself worrying too much and always take matters into my own hands before things may eventually get out of control.

Anyhow, one hell of a lineup coming up for my final 8 days, crazy to think about how little time remaining.

I walked along the ocean for a bit and just took in the great sound of the waves crashing for awhile.  Had a good reflection of the past and the great future to come. Sometimes the days where there isn't much goin on, they are just as satisfying as the adventure packed ones.

There is a pretty busy downtown area here, all mini novelty and artsy shops and cafes. The downtown area led out to Clives Square,a nice little park filled with skater teens and book readers.  

From there I pretty much saw all the town had to offer and headed back to my hostel via the seaside walk again. I don't think any town can be a disappointment with an ocean beside it.  Quite a rocky beach and heaps of drift wood but still a beach and ocean, can't go wrong.

Getting excited for my next 3 day stop, Taupo, should be the highlight of the North Island.

Few things:

- The beard is coming in alright, not as well as I thought 3 weeks into it though. Although not having to shave every day, or every 3-4 days to maintain my clean baby face look is a great feeling. shaving sucks, have never really enjoyed it.
- From above, I've given up all hope in ever growing a full mustache, just don't have what it takes, ill never be a mexican garibaldi
- Internet is expensive here (6 NZ dollars an hour) and greatly miss my free mcdonalds internet connection.  But I do save heaps of time writing these posts offline.
- Ive added up all my estimated expenses for the next week, should be on the plane home with around 200 dollars left, just gotta make sure I don't take any apples into US customs.  Maybe Ill just make a GRAND return and try to smuggle a sheep in my bag!
- I met a girl from Iceland today, first time I have ever encountered a person from that country. I like what I see
- A bit of an older crowd that travels around New Zealand, quite opposite of the east coast in Australia. Sometimes I am amazed at the 70+ aged people I see traveling around, mostly pairs of women.
- Dave Matthews has given some amazing road tunes as well as great for falling asleep too

Sweet As

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  1. That red backpack is sick. Where'd you get it?