Friday, February 12, 2010


Departed Christchurch around 8am, after picking up a bagel and a very creamy and excellent chocolate milk.  The bus ride from Christchurch to my first overnight stop of Kaikoura was only about 3 hours long. Weather today was not the greatest.  Pretty good amount of rain and very chilly. Had a pretty good bus ride in from Christchurch with my Kiwi bus driver/guide Lisa.

Before making it to the hostel, the bus stopped at a nearby seal colony in Kaikoura.  Not too many seals out but the ones that were out were extremely friendly.  They were makin some pretty good poses for all of our photos.

Kaikoura was a pretty small town, the views from the sea side were beautiful but I am sure the cloud and rain didn't make the views ideal.  Not wanting to piss my day away in the rain, I headed out all geared up to hit my first New Zealand walking track.  The hike was about a 6 hour return and was called the Peninsula Walking Track. Took me all around the coast and back inland thru downtown.  The track was pretty mellow, not too many steep inclines or rugged terrian. Was another good rain trip and sure the views would have been a lot better had the clouds not been blocking the sunlight. Either way, strapped up in my jacket, pants and New Balances crusin to some reggae on the ipod, a great walk. The first of many here during my short 1 month journey in this country.

Kaikoura claims to have some of the best crayfish in the world and every travel book raved that it had to be tried.  They forgot the average price for a serving on this fish was $90.  No fish will ever be worth that much to me.  Came across a happy hour special but still not worth the price.

Not much goin on when I got back to my hostel.  Decided to book/plan some future hostels here in the south island. Ran out of all my mobile credit (30 dollars) in one day.  It is because I have an Australian sim card, I just didn't realize how much more expensive it would be to call internationally.  Anyhow, I can't add credit to my phone anymore since its not an Australian sim, so I am officially phoneless for the next month.  Not too worried about it, it still works in emergencies and is still my number 1 alarm clock.  Should be alright without it.


View from outside the hostel


  1. I liked it Kaikoura very much. very good views which are taking breath !!!

  2. seals are so lovely i wished to be there thank you