Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Aussie Culture Roundup

Well being in Australia for 4 months, I have not immersed myself too much into the Aussie Culture, but have come away with a few things.  Note that being on the main backpacker route, it is rare to come across authetic aussie places that are not infested with tourists and young travelers like myself.  Guess the same would go for my American packed trip to Europe.  I don't think any of you really can grasp the amount of travellers here, it is something I did not expect.  I came to Australia because I knew it had a great backpacking network, but never had I immagined it would be so grand.

Anyhow some quick points:

- Meat Pies are where its at, a traditional aussie favorite
- The letter Z is pronounced "Zed"
- Ketchup is called Tomato Sauce
- I've never heard anyone say G'day Mate
- They love australian sports, especially Cricket, Rugby, and footy, also called AFL.  No one I met really enjoyed American sports or cared about them.
- Australian television is filled almost entirely with American tv shows, pretty much any show we get in the states in played here. Oprah, Jay Leno, Letterman, Cougartown, two and a half men, you name it, it's here
- A tire on a car is spelled Tyre
- Aussie BBQs are a favorite holiday maker
- You drive on the left side of the road, steering wheel on the right
- They love Macca's(McDonalds)
- Music concerts are huge here during the summer months, very expensive tho, but literally one every weekend in the major cities.
- The date is written day/month/year.  for example February 3 is written 3/2/10   This was confusing the first couple days I was in Australia
- Mixed alcoholic drinks in aluminum cans here are extremely popular among the Aussies.  For example, Jack Daniels and Coke, or Bundaberg Rum and Coke. I know we have a few mixed drinks like this in the States but Im sure they are not as wide varietied or as popular as they are here.

I am sure there are more little things like this but just not coming to me right now.  Anyhow, living, working, traveling in a whole new country is a great experience, regardless how much you actually immerse yourself in the culture. Although the above seems just like little tid bits here and there, I still worked in a new country for 2 months, learned a whole new transportation system, new styles of living, places, common courtesies, etc. (ie. eating out, ordering coffee at cafes, shopping centres, central business districts).  I think I learned what it takes to blend in as a local so maybe I did learn more than what it seems like. One thing for certain Australia is a great country and it is no suprise why so many people come all over the world to experience this place.

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