Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Australia Day

This can be a continuation of my Maggy Island Day 2 post.  At the time I wrote it, I was not expecting such a legendary night.

Anyhow I got back from my intense Bush walk and Australian Day festivities at the hostel were in full effect.  I don't know the meaning of Australia Day but it like all Aussie Holidays, it is just another excuse to drink, throw a shrimp on the barbi and have a party.  Anyhow, the island bar at the hostel was pumping.  People had been drinking all day long and just hanging out.  I took advantage of the Aussie BBQ special, a bbq and a free schooner of Tooheys New Beer.

A little thing about the aussie bird Cookaburras, I hate them. As I was delving into my great Aussie BBQ a cookaburra came out of nowhere and ran into my beer and plate, knocking over my full schooner of beer.  Little did I know this was all his little plan. In disbelief of what just happened I gave the cookaburra a death stare as he was perched on the fence next to me.  I then continued eating, beerless.  Well less than 30 seconds later after I was looking the other way, the little bastard came and took my entire sausage and flew off with it.  It was not mistake he knocked into my beer in the first place.  That really irked me.  I just accepted that my beer just got knocked over, but the fact I just lost my whole hot dog really made me hate that damn bird.  I had the people all around me laughing at what just happened.  Yea it was a bit funny but if you were the one that just lost your beer and suasage it would not be as funny.

Anyhow, it was around 8 oclock and the rain was back in full swing.  Happy hour had started so it was time for a few drinks and celebrate Aussie Day, whatever it might be. Anyhow, the party was in full swing, literally every girl in the bar was up on the tables dancing, it was great.  Being only 8 oclock I knew the night was going to be a good one.

About an hour later, still pouring rain some people got the idea of starting to dance in the rain, well not more than 20 minutes later, the entire crowd from inside the bar migrated outside and had a huge dance party in the rain.  Oh man was it great.  It was not drizzling, sprinking, was POURING.  I was in my boardies and my tank so not really an issue.  The dance party continued in the rain until the bar closed around 12.  The 3 hour rain dance was epic. During it, my new aussie mate Travis from my room had a bottle of jager stashed back in the room, I had about 20 dollars worth of his jager, saved heaps on my bar tab.  I had only bought 2 beers on the was great. Also at one part of the night I saw 2 chicks at the bar go at it, throwing aggresive slaps at each other..turns out they were good friends from home.classic. Also at one point in the night, I took one of the biggest spills of my life down the stairs.  Not due to too many drinks but because of the extreme slippery conditions and the lack of traction on my thongs.  I fell down 3 stairs on my butt and lower back. In some pretty bad pain and reckon Ill have a pretty bad bruise on the lower back.

Anyhow words do not give the party in the rain justice, it was a had to be there moment.  I'de immagine it was almost a woodstock sort of scene without the mud and drugs.

Anyhow, the fun didnt end after the bar closed.  Nearby there was a slip n slide tarp from the days festivities.  It was some great fun, had not been on one for years.  There was about a line of 20 people that you slid in between.  About 15 minutes into the fun, the hostel staff came and took away the tarp, ruining the party but understandable as it posed a pretty big safety concern.

Great night that will never be forgotten


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