Friday, January 15, 2010

3 Month Update

Will keep this short since so much other travel stories to update on

But since I've updated every month since I have been here, here it goes again

- I have been away from work for 2 weeks, and I am serious when I say I kind of miss it.  It was really a great job and am happy I will always have it as a memory of my time here in OZ

- My travel part of my trip is 1 week underway, couldnt be any more stoked to explore new places, meet new people, and bring some California Joe to every aussie town and hostel I stay at

- Still get very annoyed at the amount of cigarettes backpackers smoke and all the smoke you get when walking the streets.  I think it is starting to become a pet peeve of mine.

- Living out of a backpack requires some serious packing planning

- Now that I am travelling, I wear the same shirt around 2-3 days straight.  Axe deodorant body spray is a crucial part of my daily routine.

- The women traveling continue to amaze me, they are all pretty fit and attractive. Europe produces some talented women.

- More Canadians travel here than Americans....not sure what I think of them yet,

- This trip is going by all to quick. I leave australia in less that 1 month...crazy

- Looking forward to New Zealand, have not booked a single thing there yet except transportation, time to get on it

- 1 Month till my 23rd birthday

- I think staying here for 1 year would be easily doable, 4 months here in Australia may not have been enough, but with that I think at this point that my 5 month trip is a perfect amount of time and am looking forward to returning home

- I could book travel trips on the east coast of Australia, my travel itinerary is killin it.

- I have been inspired to seriously take up percussion instruments, want to take drumming lessons for my african/latin drums, and maybe a didgeridoo lesson here or there because it is a very interesting instrument

- I have met some great friends/people here in the last 3 months, many whom I hope to meet again at some point in my life

I will end this with a quote from one of my favorite reggae songs by Stick Figure

 "I Love This World and All It Can Do For Me"

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