Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Month That Was

Well, a little over a month I've been here and I couldn't be any more pumped to be here right now. There are moments when I just look around and take in the idea of being in another country, working and meeting international travelers, what a legend I am. The days are going by quick, but on the flip side, i have pretty much the majority of my trip coming up, and that part will undoubtedly be the best. More on this later.

When I first arrived my main concern was meeting people and making friends...but 1 month in, I can honestly say its been easy and the people ive met and hung around with have been great. Meeting people is not even a concern anymore, that has all passed. The concerns now are arranging travel plans and getting by with work. Daunting tasks, but eager to get on with them.

As far as sights and sounds, I have really enjoyed Sydney. Had you asked me about the city my first 3 days here, I would have told you I hated it, but I have come to love this large and tourist infested city.  The tourist hot spots are alot of hype, but at the same time you cant ignore the great sights and beauty. As I have mentioned before, Darling Harbour and the Botanical Gardens are definitely some of my favorite places inside the city. The week I spent in Manly on the beach was another time to remember, looking forward to some beach days there during the upcoming december summer month

As far as the whole work aspect of this work and travel shindig, i am becoming more and more grateful for being employed right now. I immagined there would be alot of travellers here, but man, definitely not this many. Countless hostels around the city and countless number of backpackers that are doing the same as me, trying to work and travel. The job search was rough, as it always is, but for me, landing the job that was my first lead seems to be lucky. As the work is not what I ideally wanted, it is work and it pays well.  I'de much rather be doing what I am doing than to be like other travelers here desperately searching for work with money dwindling, I know how it feels. As far as my work and travel company, I have no regrets being a member, but their job service is absolutely worthless. I dont know if it is because of the current weak economy and little amount of incoming jobs, or the fact that there are soo many travelers, but the job service as part of the work and travel company have been far from satisfactory. Had it not been for me and my elegant internet job search techniques, I can bet I would still be unemployed. But it is a great hub to meet other travelers and use their extremely fast internet and they will eventually help me with my tax return papers and travel plans.  To anyone that might think of working and travel oz, if you can take care of all the paperwork/bank accounts/tax stuff yourself, dont join these work programs to help you find jobs, your better off on your own.  For me, those little things helped me out so in that respect, no worries about being a member

The nightlife in Syndey has been great.  Now that I am working, I dont have the freedom of going out any night I choose, so I most likely will be going out only 1 or 2 times a week.  But, the backpacker pubs/bars have been great.  I have yet to stumble into a real local joint, but pretty confident I won't find one in this main part of the city. As far as alcohol, the price is absolutely rediculous, more than double of what you would pay in the states. A box of goon for 10 or 12 bucks is my go to, but now with an incoming cash flow, I may splurge a bit on some brews. I currently have this theory that I can not get hangovers off of goon, I really haven't had one bad morning after the night.

I could go on for days, but I guess I will save it up for another time, possibly for a final final recap 3 months from now.

But as for now, I am excited for the summer weather to come in.  Every now and then it has rained, some pretty good lightning/thunderstorms too. I dont think I really know what too expect in regards to summer weather, but just been told that it get real hot and muggy.

I will continue to work, eat, and sleep with occasional nights out. I am now seeking other housing, not because the hostel isnt great, but because the rates are going up and they are booked for the holidays. I am actually going to look at a place tonight with a friend. 

Pearl Jam/Ben Harper concert on Sunday at Sydney Football Stadium, one of the more pricey concert tickets I have paid for, but think it will be a show to remember, not just because of the great bands, but because I've heard aussie concerts are crazy and the fans rock out big time

stay real

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