Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend in Sydney

Although every day is a weekend for me, I finally had the chance to see Sydney during the Saturday/Sunday weekend days. The streets were just as busy as they were in the work week.  There were some events goin on throughout the city.  Definitely a lot of tourist and out of towners here for the weekend.  Over the past 5 days, I have conquered almost every attraction possible in central sydney, all by foot. I have walked miles over the past couple of days, and in addition to my healthy eating habits at the hostel, its safe to say that im not putting on any wait.  For the records, i greatly miss my daily pull up bar and ultimate pushup exercises.  Although i did utilize the hostel bunk beds for a quick sesh last night of pull ups.

Ben and I have been saving heaps of money by cooking every meal. Been making some great pasta and salad combos. The italian dressing here is great, as well as this hot hungarian salami i came across. Basic eggs and toast for breakfast with a daily turkey/cheese/lettuce sandwhich.  Everything is pricey here, so cooking is definitely the best/cheapest option.  But im starting to get heated, another bag of chips were stolen from me.  It is pretty interesting, with all the items in my bag, ie pasta sauce, eggs, peanut butter, bananas that they would take chips.

This weekend we went back to some areas we have already seen just to spend more time, they included Darling Harbour, Paddys Markets and Cockles Bay.

Sunday we originally going to take a ferry ride to Manly beach, but when we woke up it was raining a bit and cold, so we figured if we were going to go to the beach, we better go in good weather.  Anyhow the rain and clouds burned out around 1, so we were still able to take advantage of the day in and around Sydney.

After watching some great street performers, we decided to do the walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge.  This was the free walk, and in my opinion, a far better choice than the 187 dollar bridge climb that goes to the top.  The views are still great. Once we crossed the bridge, we got to experience some of North Sydney. A lot less touristy and more residential, it felt good.  Some photos: (as always click to enlarge)

Sweet panorama by yours truly

Moving hostels tomorrow to a bit better location and price. Then on Wednesday, taking the ferry to Manly Beach to stay at a Beach Bunkhouse for 4 days. From there we will hopefully start work next week. There has been some leads, but nothing major. I see myself working for the next month or so straight, so getting some relax time now, working, getting funds and start some major travel plans come early january. But dont take my word, anything can change as spontaneity is one of my best attributes.

Over and out

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