Thursday, October 15, 2009

This City Gets Bigger and Better Every Day

Today was another great day here. They have a pretty good continental breakfast here at the hostel. Nothing out of this world, but the croissants and toast taste pretty damn good with the coffee. After breakfast I had to sort out accomodation for the next few days. The hostel I am stayin out now was all booked for tomorrow night.  Went down the street and was able to book a night there. It is another huge backpacker hostel that has a good reputation.  After that I went to the travel desk at the hostel because of a deal I heard regarding New Zealand backpacker bus trips..It was the last day of a 50% discount. I jumped on it and ended up getting it. It was wierd to finalize something thats happening 4 months from now, especially being that I have a whole australian adventure ahead of me, but im confident it was a great move since the summer months are coming and this would be the cheapest price of the season. So i am stoked on that and is definitely another part of this journey i have to look foward too.

After that, headed back to the Work and Travel center to inquire about jobs and use the free internet, pretty helpful. Hoping to start work relatively soon, anything ranging to fruitpicking, data entry, wharehouse/factory, and hospitality work. I am gonna take whatever comes my way. I am starting to get daily emails about available jobs and am hoping to score some casual work along the coast. Its all a work in progress, still tryin to get situated and get a solid idea of all my travels and work along the way, (ie whether i want to try to find long term work and travel towards the end of my trip or get short temporary gigs and travel between them)

I have my australia style resume all locked and loaded and am beginning to distrubute them across various job listings on the internet, i really dont see who wouldnt want me with all my talents and transferable skills.  Anxious of what is to come, that if for sure

After gettin a bit of business done, Ben and I decided to hit the Sydney Aquarium.  Wasn't really jazzed on it since i have been to some pretty great aquariums in the states, but i was able to get half off the ticket price, so it was only 15 bucks so I decided to make it happen. It was a good time killer and another page in the memory books.

There is also a wildlife zoo here but I am holding out for the Steve Irwin Australian Zoo up in Queensland when I make it there.

After the aquarium we continued to stroll around the Darling Harbour area, which is 100 times better than the chinatown area of sydney and strolled thru the nearby mall and toured the Australian Maritime Museum for free.

On our way back to the hostel we stumbled onto Paddy's Markets, a large flea market sort of think which rivals some of the markets I have been to in Italy and Spain. Souvenirs galore, 5 dollar tshirts, a strange amount of wigs, and asian collectables. In addition to that a fish market and an entire section dedicated to fruit and vegetables and nuts and candy.  It is only open thursday thru sunday but is definitely a pretty entertaining sight. ANd for those of you expecting souvenirs, dont be suprised if it comes from Paddy's markets, ive already scoped out a few souvenirs for myself when i empty out my backpack towards the end of my trip.

After the long day and a large amount of walking, we came back to the hostel to find our chips had gotten stolen from the hostel kitchen. There is always that chance at hostels of food getting jacked, but i like to have some faith in the system.  I was thankful that the peanut butter, jelly, bread, water, and bananas were still there, but it would have been nice to accompany my great budget meal with some nice chips

Goals for next few days:
- Continue the job search
- figure out Sydney public transportation
- figure out traffic signals and get familiar with cars driving on the opposite side of the road
- figure out where/when I can travel throughout Oz

Upcoming events:
  • Pub Crawl, 
  • Trip to Bondi Beach
  • Ferry Ride to Manly
  • The Rocks 
  • Trip to the Blue Mountains

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