Friday, October 16, 2009

I Am a World Traveler

Last night was great...did a pub crawl with a group of 40 from the Work and Travel center. Been meeting heeps of people, including these scottish girls and a german guy. I still find it unbelievable how all these europeans speak such great english. It kind of puts americans to shame as far as universal language knowledge. I stayed in a new hostel last night since there were no beds available at my previous one. I got into an 8 room shared dorm, where there were about 6 german girls.  Some big girls but they were all very nice. Theres something special about waking up a bit hungover to the sounds of whispering in a different language. I must say, the german language isnt that bad in soft whispers. The past few days and nights I have really come to realize how great of an experience I am getting out this. Experiencing different cultures and meeting people from all over the world and sharing stories is sure special.

Thats about all i have. This was a tough post, i am pretty out of it from last night and really wasn't feeling my word choice, so sorry if things didnt make sense.

Hittin up some tourists spots today and planning a ferry ride to Manly Beach tomorrow.

Thinkin about staying in Sydney a bit longer before I start movin. The job search is stressful, but just seein how things will pan out. Making some calls to some resorts, and there is some unskilled labour at wharehouses that seem interesting.

Stay classy

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