Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Coming Months

Well, summer doesn't really end for me, but for the rest of you, it is coming to a close. My summer was eventful for sure. It went really as planned....to live the good life. After graduating from one of the top colleges in the country, I knew I wanted to take some time off before I settled into the real world. I told myself that job search, and all things related to this poor economy would not effect my life until I wanted them too. However the job search will begin in early October, but not the job search your thinking of. I will be heading to Australia with a work visa and will be offering my many talented work skills to the down under locals. I plan to work several jobs, ideally in the hospitality industry at a hotel/resort, but can also see myself working at a golf course or fruit harvesting. As this 4.5 month adventure prolongs my real world US employment career, I view it as an opportunity to expand my horizons which will hopefully set me apart once back in the US and land me a job. Work is without a doubt a major part of my trip, but the visa also heavily encourages travel. I will be in OZ for 4 months and plan to travel extensively throughout the country while on my days off. Even better, I will be there in the heart of their summer months and will be exploring and enjoying some of the best beaches in the world. I have no set plan as far as employment or even living. I start out in Sydney is all that I know, where I go from there is completely up to me. I am stoked for this trip and am so glad I have the opportunity to do it. It is now or never as I see it. Once i get locked down into a job and career, travel time will be limited, so I am jumpin on it now.

From reviews in all the travel books, internet, and word of mouth, I have heard nothing but great things about Australia. It is a backpackers paradise, and that is what I plan to immerse myself in for the four months, with hopefully a solid flow of employment throughout to keep my funds stable.

After my stay in Oz, i will be heading to New Zealand for a few weeks before heading back to the US in late February.

With all that said, it is time to bring back the roots of this great blog. I originally started this for my study abroad term in Italia. I will be rollin out over the next few weeks a new layout and look for the all new "JOE'S WORK AND TRAVEL DOWN UNDER BLOG"

i know your pumped

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  1. ya bra uber pumped for the down under blog