Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The President of The United States of America

Today marks the inaguration of the United States 44th President...President Barack Hussein Obama. Now as many of you know, I am not one for politics, however due to all the alleged national media and american hype in regards to this day, Jan 20, 2009, I decided to write my thoughts and opinions about this "historic day". This post is truly based on my beliefs, and my opinions only. If you feel like they are ignorant or foolish, well than welcome to Joe's Blog, thanks for stoppin by and im glad you did not agree what I had to say.

Let me first start by saying that I am a proud American and am honored to live my life in this country. With that said, now former President George Walker Bush. I for one was sick and tired of hearing him being criticized by the American public and all the talk about approval rating. He was OUR President, he was the face of OUR country, WE elected him. I am not saying he had some mishaps and blunders, however, he was still THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. as Americans, I feel like it is our duty and responsibility to be proud and loyal to our country, by bad mouthing our president and protesting against him, it makes us look weak and foolish to every country in the world, it is almost embarrassing. If we don't have respect for the leader of our country within our own borders...how the hell do we get the respect we deserve from the rest of the world. being a union is what had led us to being one of the most powerful countries in this world.

On a related note, to the protesters out there that believe in their cause, I do support some movements, because that is how change is caused and that there can be no argument without two opposing sides.. However, I feel like most protesters go about their protesting in ways that are not beneficial to their cause as a group or to our country. Most of them are there to be there and just rebel against the government because it feels good. I feel like they could be out doing much more proactive things in aide of their cause rather by just holding demonstrative and sometimes dangerous rallies. There is a line that needs to be drawn here and people need to step back and learn to know when it is their turn to step back out of the action for a bit, especially when democracy has spoken(for example: prop 8).

Congratulations to President Obama on becoming the 44th president of the US and becoming the 1st African American president. I feel sorry for the new president as a daunting task awaits him. I, like everybody else, am optimistic about our newly elected president. Do i feel like people blow out of proportion how much one man can do for this country, YES. Is he the answer to all of our problems, probly not. I am a realist. I don't really expect Obama to lead us out of these tough times. i dont expect to experience a dramatic change in my own daily life or surrounding things that effect me. America is in a vulnerable state but it is my deepest hope that things DO turn around and that we as a country can all become one and support any cause that our leader supports, because it is our duty as loyal citizens and for America to continue to be a positive role model to the rest of the world and gain the respect that we rightfully deserve.

I apologize for certain areas where I just ramble..i basically just free writed this thing in about 15 minutes..points may seem contradicting at times but it was just my way of not being able to convey my thoughts effectively thru writing.

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  1. Maybe a little rambling but I agree with just about everything you say