Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Farewell My Friend

What a way to start the blog back up, the death of Ipod Touch, truly one of the greatest gadgets of my lifetime. In hopes of sounding more like a music guru instead of a gadget geek, this Ipod was the ultimate music machine, able to store all my wonderous tunes and even control my itunes library thru a wifi remote. But yea, what got me hooked to this thing was really its other capabilities, including games, apps and most importantly wifi connection and ability to check my email and send aims thru a wireless connection, not to leave out the calendar that kept me up to date on my class times and work schedule.

So without further ado the details of the unfortunate and untimely death of my iPod Touch. It was about 5 days ago, Friday afternoon I recall, and I am taking down my familys fake(and non christmas smelling) Christmas tree. My mom had just left to pick up some requested food items for my final dinner at home before I headed back to college. Within 5 minutes of her departure, a wretched empty feeling ran thru my body.. 5 minutes to late. Thanks to my carelessness after taking down our outside xmas lights hrs before, my ipod was on its final ride of its precious life, lightly placed on the back of my Moms car. I ran immediately outside frantically searching the graveled pavement for my IPod hoping for a minimal collision with my shelled outer casing. After running a couple blocks....nothing. What had prevented the iPod from not falling off??? well most likely my Mom's cautious and safe driving. Had it been me driving, it would have fallen off before i reached the end of our driveway. But I wouldnt be here telling you this had it not happened. I constructed an all out search party, including me walking halfway onto the on ramp of the freeway, nothing. So as I sit here today, my only hopes is that my iPod is smashed to pieces on the highway. It would have been more comforting seeing it but I never found it. The thought that it could still be somewhere or was picked up on the side of the road still looms in the back of my mind. But nothing can change the past, so I can't get too bitter about it..however I only got to enjoy the 400 dollar gadget for 4 months. and to top it off my good pair of headphones were attached to it.

To ease the pain I will probably purchase one in the coming weeks. not going to buy as expensive as one, most likely a refurbished one to cut down on price. but anyhow I am currently back to my white 3rd generation click wheel ipod..which still is going strong but man do i miss that iTouch. Farewell.

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