Sunday, January 25, 2009

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Well, what can I say, my time in Davis as a student is coming close to an end, but man have I been having some great times, this place has really grown on me. I am so greatful for my job because my weekend fun would not be possible without it. However I experienced an unfortunate financial dent this weekend during my weekend festivities. I guess you could say I fought the law, and the law won. But man is the system flawed. Well anyhow my fraternity had our cocktail friday night, and what do cocktails entail: cocktails you guessed it. I drove downtown since it was pouring rain, rather than usually walking. The original plan was to have a sober brother drive my car back but that never occurred, so I continued with my events throughout the night. At the end of the night after hoppin around from bars to house parties I was tired and was "sobered up". I knew I could have drove and been alright but I wasn't going to chance it, so I walked home. Being the weekend, I just assumed that there was no traffic enforcement so really had nothing to worry about leaving my car overnight. After a good nights sleep I took a walk downtown in the morning to go retrieve my car. Too bad it still wasn't raining to wipe away the flashy yellow envelope under my windshield wiper. 3 minutes too late I was, i got a parking ticket for exceeding 2 hr parking space. I fully agree that it is my fault for not reading the sign the night before, I guess I am so used to pretty much any other city having free parking on the weekend, AND being able to park on campus for free on the weekends. HOWEVER, to be rewarded for my moral and appropriate decision for not taking a chance driving the night before with a 35 dollar parking ticket annoys me. the fact that i arrived at my car literally 3 minutes after the ticket was printed is also frustrating. I realize that 35 dollars is nothing compared to a real DUI fine, but I just wanted to say it was very unfortunate. We live and learn, but in the end I'll be glad to pay this great city of Davis this measly 35 dollars, because its the city I go to college in and its the city where I will remember some of my most legendary moments.

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