Monday, January 12, 2009


So after losing a 400+ dollar iPod Touch, I have been feeling a bit empty and a bit cheap lately, as I know in the next few weeks I will just have to man up and spend money on a new one. I've always been a bargain hunter and always buy electronics on the internet, as they are ALWAYS cheaper. My top seller is Amazon, they have anything. So with that, that will most likely be the place of purchase for my upcoming iPod purchase. Now on a related topic, coins. I have never been one to carry around bulks up my wallet, makes annoying sounds when I walk and is heavy. After any cash transaction I keep the change until I get home where I put it in my coin glass. So with that, I have a huge glass of coins waiting to be cashed for cash. So rather than sitting down and rolling up rolls of coins to take to the bank, I utilize CoinStar, one of the greatest services to hit stores for all of us lazy coin counters. Now as I have been previously criticized for using coinstar, since it takes commission for every dollar, I do admit that it was a mistake as I lost about 10 dollars. HOWEVER, CoinStar has implemented a new service, FREE coin counting if you redeem a gift certificate or gift card with your coins instead of bills. Brands include: Target, Starbucks, Circuit City, Borders, iTunes, and AMAZON. I will be cashing my coin collection within the next week, and then will use that amount to help ease the pain financially (or so it seems) of my ipod purchase.

With that said: Here is the FIRST CONTEST to ever hit Joe's blog. Can you guess how much money I will get from my coin stash? Keep in mind there seems to be a good amount of quarters in there. Leave guess amount($) and email address in the replies. The only rule I can think of is that you are only allowed 1 guess. Note: I do not spam and winner will receive some sort of gift of my choosing.



  1. $27.36
    You know where to find me.

  2. real weak participation here..

  3. $21.10

    I am so feeling this....