Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Travel Blog Continues...ARIZONA trip

So this past weekend I flew out to ASU for a fantastic weekend in the desert state of Zona..first trip solo..let me tell you, southwest doesnt even compare to my cheap 40 euro flights from ryan air and easyjet..i remember flying to barcelona and amsterdam that everyone clapped when the plane landed..not a single word once the plane hit phoenix..but anyhow, it was fun gettin in a plane again and traveling. Purpose of this trip was to go visit Brady (who ive promised an ASU trip for 3 yrs) and as well to visit several ladies from the florence trip.

Plane got into phoenix around 11..from ther we hit up the local liqour store and got some CL's after some minor beer pong action we headed out to downtown tempe to hit up Big Bang Piano bar..rated one of tempes best bar. It was a fun fun time..wish davis had something like it...basically u request songs and these 2 guys on pianos who belt out the lyrics to an elegant piano harmony. they were real good. good night to start the weekend.

Friday morning we got up around 10 to go for a hike up Camelback Mountain. i can say this hike was pretty physical demanding as it was a great of the best hikes ive ever done, no walk in the park, lot of inclines, slippery hills, and rocks. and watch out for the prickly cacti. it was bout 85 degrees and clear skys.

Local Zona Creature

Brady getting his hike on
At the top after bout a straight 60 minute incline, we enjoyed some bomb sandwiches from a local deli. very rewarding.

Lost in Hong Kong shirt was useless as the percentage of asians r extremely low compared to Davis..yet still one of my favorite shirts

Click on the panoramas for larger size

That hike was a good one..definitely was a great work out, provided great sights of zona, and a great way to work on my tan.

After the hike we went back and cleaned up. Then met up with the girls from my italian program and headed out for a night at the ballpark. WE went to the Dback game against colorado..think it was my first game were neither the giants nor the A's were playing..Dbacks killed, hit bout 4 homers and had a real nice ball park. Beer like every pro park was damn xpensive weighing in at about 8 bucks per pint

After the game we went to Pizzeria Bianco..which ppl claim is America's Best Pizza...including a great review by Oprah. pretty big claim as far as im concerned..this restraunt was about 8 tables big, and ther was a 5 hour we checked in b4 the game and had to keep in contact every hr to keep our lets be honest..after hearing a 5 hour wait..i was really getting my hopes up..after eating ther i can say the pizza is very good? but best in America?? no thank you. maybe it was cuz i was not hungry or just had too high of hopes..but i def do not support that far as im concerned..AMICIs gives them a run for ther money. 5 hr wait is pretty the end im glad i tried it just to see if the claim was true.

Saturday was the highlight of the weekend..Scottsdale Culinary Festival...definitely a great time out in zona 93 degree weather..this festival consisted of tons of local eateries and breweries..along with great live music.

For food i had a pulled prok sandwhich as well as a n italian sausage from Maggianos..mmmm
The beer area was amazing..ther were about 35 beer tents each with their own unique beer and you could sample all of was a good favorite beer was an irish coffee beer by some local was very comparable to guinness but better...Saturday Night was another night at Big Bang Piano bar..once again entertaining.

Sunday was another scorching weather day. We started out early and headed to downtown to watch the IRONMAN triathalon..this was the final trail before the main event in hawaii..pretty sick..the triathalon was about 12 hrs..i could only take about 10 minutes of it as it was just ppl on bikes. but anyway props to the athletes, pretty spectacular, especially in such the hot weather.

For lunch we went to the YARD HOUSE who claims the worlds largest collection of draft beer
pretty amazing..the entire bar was just a plethora of beer on tap. piping system was cool too.. i unfortunately didnt get a chance to try a beer cuz i was still hurting from the night before..but if i had to pick which beer, it would have been Blue Moon. The food was phenomenal and we got to watch Tiger lose the masters sadly.

For sunset we embarked on another hike, this time up to A mountain..which is named because ther is a huge yellow A on the mountain top. got some good picts..but sorry for my lack of experience in the sunset photo department.

Sunday night we had a final dinner with everyone at Oregano's Italian restaraunt..very solid meal.

My flight left at 6 monday me and brady decided to get some beers and pull an all nighter watchin the office till 430..then headed to the airport..flight home went well.

Review: I thourougly enjoyed the weekend, and im pretty sure hte people i spent it with enjoyed it as was spectacular..and we did everything we possibly could taking advantage of every opportunity..a memorable trip to say the least..thanks to B Stern for being a good host and thanks to the ASU girls for showin me a good time.

thank god i dont travel alot..that was a long post..first this long since abroad.

Music Pick of the Week: Incubus

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