Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Praise Chorus

so last couple days have been good. sigma nu is almost ready to get up and running..almost have the founding men . weather has been fantastic....been biking to places everychance i get..im over that bus if its sunny and hot outside.

also tryin to get linkin park tickets for next monday at ARCO. this is an amazing lineup with coheed and cambria and chiodos. all there is is upper reserve tix, this show would be a waste in my opinion from the nosebleeds..the scalping on these is rediculous for lower section and ground floor, so im bein real greedy and waiting for the small possibility of arco releasing more tickets( the promoters giving back some tix)..so really hopin i can score, if not ill be missin a realll good concert..linkin park probly puts on the best show i have ever seen, with AFI comin in a close second.

today i unwillingly volunteered for my business law professor to pass out the tests with my friend Taylor..it was quite the challenge as atleast 80% of the class is not white..leading to countless pronunciation errors. you try saying names like Shpuc Sui kim jong and Sagedivd Rsaashhardin...then one would come up like Darren Matthews and those i nailed.

In addition i always find it entertaining at Safeway after using my card how bad the checker can mess up my last name..or even if he attempts to say it all. i eagerly wait for it as they look at my receipt in search of my name. and being that it is their job and im just a college student, they more or less always have to say it

Music Picks of the Week: Jimmy Eat World, Yonder Mountain String Band, Radiohead

Movie Picks of the Week: I AM LEGEND, Caddyshack, Seasons of Lost and Office

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