Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sigma Nu

well 4 weeks ago, the thought of being in a frat was nonexistent. past 3 years i really felt like the frat life wasnt the life for me. It is today that marks my induction into the fraternity life. However not officially, but i have accepted my the process begins.

This whole idea came into my head bout 3 weeks ago after seeing an ad in the paper saying that Sigma Nu fraternity was recolonizing and was looking for bright student leaders to begin the fraternity. I saw this as a great opportunity, yes for the social reasons, but for the life lessons..and as i said and about 24 other men will build this fraternity from the ground up..the way that we want it to be. it is gonna be a great committment and will make lifelong friendships along the way and pick up this lacking davis city life.

I believe the following truly manifests my reason for joining:
"We are looking for outstanding men who want to get involved on campus, gain valuable leadership skills and training, develop themselves personally and professionally, create meaningful and lifelong relationships and get the most out of their collegiate experience. This is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a truly outstanding organization and create a legacy of honor. The traditions started here will be known 50 to 100 years from now and will be started by the men who join today."

Love Honor Truth

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  1. I believe the bid letter you received is proprietary material. Im going to send this to sigma chi national and steal all your secrets (ours are better anyway).