Monday, December 10, 2007

Relative update

So, finally have internet after a good 5 days..that is why u get pictures and updates. I have been staying with my grandpas cousin Vanni. He is a legend.

I have been staying with him the past couple of days and it has been great.. I can tell that he is just loving me stay with him and takes pride in his American cousin everywhere we go. I obviously don’t speak up to par with his Italian so he tries to help me out with the few English words that he knows..but man the translations r often so off and I just laugh. First off, he doesn’t think we speak English in America…he calls r language "united states". He calls the washing machine “shower” and when he asks me if I like something he says “I love” not “you love”. It is hysterical. he really enjoys tryin to speak english...example..keep in mind he lives in all italian area wher no tourist steps we went to an Essalunga , grocery store..Vanni could not find an item and he just goes to a worker and asks in english where the product was hilarious..then at the cash register it was 67 euro and he tries to speak in english to the worker, and she actually knew a bit of far as how much it cost..had to be ther moment, sorry for the digression. He is a very good cook and is taking fantastic care of me, cept for the fact that his shower has no hot water and I haven’t showered in 3 days. But he lives the Italian life, not the American, so I just adjust with the culture. Vino at everymeal, coffee after, ect.

Saturday the 8th I went with Vanni and his 2 friends Giancarlo and Enzo to Switzerland, which is bout 45 minutes north of his town of Sesto Calende. We went to Lugano, very pretty with the mountaintops covered in snow. It has been very cold here and windy..rained a bit for the past 2 days. Sunday, I met Vanni’s sister Angela Budelli and her husband Mario…very nice people and they have a sweet house. Then after we went to Vanni’s friends Giancarlo and Enzo’s house for lunch. Then after we took another car ride to Stresa. It was really nice. Vanni and his friends also get a kick out of all my pictures and all the women in them. i love seeing the look on peoples faces when i show them my pictures..

Now i am with my other cousins Fabio and Claudio who r 25, and 18 well as their parents and grandma. I am only here for the night because tomorrow i will go to Milan to visit relatives of my grandma. Tonight we went for pizza, talked italian, skyped relatives, facebook, discussed swear words and music that we like. happy to finally have some internet and have taken a shower..finally

I am currently in the process of preparing a slideshow for my return..its gonna be a good one and that is a guarantee

by the way..this entire post i slipped in a couple italian words and i had to take them just shows that it is italian nonstop and in this atmosphere im forced to speak it and it is easier to learn..feels real good. to u all soon, thanks for reading..if u read this that ther is some good eye candy on this blog as well

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  1. joey come home i missss you!!!!!!! mi manci....spero che tutti sia bene e buon natale!