Monday, November 5, 2007

Pre Rome Update

aight heres the deal...Rome was sweet, huge city, lotta fun and crazy things happened. learned tons of history ect. update to come in the next 2 days i hope..Venice on Friday

School is goin alright, still annoyin as i have tons of work...have to register for davis coursed tmw, lot on my mind ..including travel plans for the end of november and in december

My computers hard drive is maxed out...going to probly pay a crapload for dvds to backup my files..i ahve over 8 gigs of pictures and 30 gigs of music. so there will be a delay in my videos unfortunately

9ers r done, bonds is gone, and the patriots will go undefeated.

weather here is cold and rainy and halloween last week was a blast..i was an african merchant who sells the little glowin flyer things...simple yet got laughs out of everyone.

later peeps hope to get in touch soon

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