Wednesday, November 28, 2007


so heres the deal...less than 3 days in florence. mafia final went good today. final last 2 nights out in florence, should be fun and wild....way to much on my mind. loose sleep about it. i am dealin with this bullship about the vespa i rented awhile...basically the scooter rental place charged me twice and will not give me my money back..these guys r idiots and i seriously want to kill them mafia style. tomorrow i am dealing with the italian police and hopefully getting it all taken care of..its partially my fault cuz i was dumb to wait so long to take legal action but really thought they were gonna pay me back, but down to heart these guys r douchebags and r just taking advantage of my proud american white ass. but as i stormed out of their store today while the guy was probably swearin at me in italian after threatening him with police and prosecution, that i realized how bad i want this guy and his shady ran company to go down. i will give it my all to make sure this guy suffers, well i supposedly could have a 3 yr court ordeal with this but im not feelin that into it. however im pisst off and annoyed at this moment i have tons of stuff to do, and yes i still have finals. that is it that is it

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