Tuesday, November 20, 2007

mid week update

aight peeps, being that thers no big trips for awhile, and maybe no more trip updates due to little internet after school, thought ide give u some mid week updates for the last 2 weeks(less than) of school. sucks that its pretty much over as i will miss all these great peeps ive met.

School has been goin fantastic..below is a picture of my papers on The Cosa Nostra Sicilian Mafia drug trade and Italy's Economic Miracle..solid grades
just nailed my 7 minute oral presentation in Italian today on the American influence in Italian culture...however still pretty disappointed in my lacking Italian, as far as speaking the language consistently and fluently...im hopin the last month with all my italian relatives pays off

Last 2 nights i was able to hang out and meet the Noceti family..aka my long distant cousins(Paul's family). They took me out to some bomb dinners and glad i got to meet them. plus they wanted a shout out on the blog so i had to throw this in here.

This week im finally gonna take in what Florence really has to offer...museums and churches...goin to the Uffizi and Accademia tomorrow. Then some other places on thursday. Thanksgiving will be fun..its Stu's bday and AIFS is throwin a big dinner, so its def gonna be a great night.

Have come down with a little cold, but i average bout 3.5 liters of water a day, so tryin to get over it, also poppin some airborne so everything helps

Happy turkey day in the states, and have a good alumni game..pisst kind of but not so much now as the girls game is after the boys jv. watever i still miss basketball

As far as my blog, enjoyin doin it. hope ur likin my videos. somethin fun for me to do when im not out partyin or doin hw.

Black Friday is friday..take advantage. peace out

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  1. Italian teacher doesn't know how to spell "tough"