Friday, October 12, 2007

yea soo...

well yesterday was the f'in worst day of this trip/experience... got out of class rushin to go pack for glorious prague little to find out that the damn trip was tryin not to be bitter bout it but seriously it just took the life out of me...if i would have known this like 2 days b4 r trip, there would be no problem and could of rescheduled alternate trips...however the weekend is shot and just extremely unfortunate...every time i think bout it i just get heated as i know this really screws up my travel schedule cuz im definitly still goin to prague..and weekends r limited so i have to scratch out something else

so alternativly heres what ill probly do this weekend

Friday:hang around florence and get started on my 2 research papers due in 2 weeks
Saturday: goin to San Giminagno and Siena..maybe even back to the coast
Sunday: no damn idea..probly studyin for my midterm..

over and out

pisst off joe

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