Monday, October 8, 2007


so to the suprise of some probly...i made it back from Oktoberfest alive, however with tons of beer still in me, 2 stines from the hofbrau and paulener tents, a tshirt, and memories to last a lifetime

lets go day by day update shall we..included with many pictures and a video thursday i got out of class at 530..went to ristorante chinatown..phenomenal..then decided to go and get my first florence haircut..turns out thers a barber shop right outside my apartment..ran by 2 old italian men who dont speak any english...quite the experience...12 euros..not gonna lie was scared at first but it turned out ok..(after i told him he forgot to cut the front of my hair so i could spike it)..great experience..look foward to goin back ther in a month or so
so r train departed from Florence at 945 at night...turns out that most of us were in teh same sleeper cabin on the train...we had a 9hr trip in front of what better way to start oktoberfet weekend then to drink some fine beer on the train,..(letting u know right now this will be a very long update...sry but way too much to cover)

Paul, Pablo, Stu
so we chilled for couple hrs..had some fun..the train lady was pardon my french the biggest bitch of all time...she was some german lady.and was gettin all anal how some of us had switched rooms to be all together...all she could speak was german..and she was dumb enough to think we understood her..i was gonna slap her in the that was a bad way to start with embracing the german after that drama..we got in r beds and slept for 4-5 hrs as the biggest festival in the world was ahead of us. into munich about 630 in the morning. Munich from what i saw besides oktoberfest is a nice city.with exceptionally clean and fresh smelling air. Took a taxi to r holiday in..changed in the bathroom, checked r bags to the front desk, and got r grub on to fill r stomachs with something other than beer.

Got on the underground(i took the wrong one and got lost in munich for bout 20 minutes) and embarked for the there around was misty and kinda raining i recall and all i remember is just having the biggest smile on my face...roller coasters, log rides, bumper cars, and a dozen beer tents. Made r way towards the Hofbrau house as i heard from recomendations and other travelers that this beer tent is the best of its kind and provides the best tons of other americans go ther.
so we get ther..and the dorrs just opened..plopped down on a table and waited for r beer...didnt serve till 10. and then it came..r haggard lady carrin bout 7 stines(1 liter each).The First Beer of Oktoberfest

Inside was nothing i ever imagined..although it was more packed on saturday..there just just a plethora of beer was quite a site..and i felt like each and everyone of them were my best friends
Countless songs, countless beer cheers(Prost!), countless beers, countless ppl pukin, and countless memories

heres a video..just to show u(please dont mind the terrible and offbeat singing..rather just the scenery and me and my friends..and some crazy drunk guys

So friday ended fairly quick as we made a mistake probly almost everyone makes ther first oktoberfest...gettin thru the entire day...there were some complications but im talkin about being tired and too "faded" before 4 oclock in the day time...we were all tired and went back to the hotel to passout..i regret this however i blame it on my lame friends and that damn train ride..that night we walked around munich for a bit and prepared ourselves for the next day..mentally and physically...

Saturday: got up early, took the underground..second i got near oktoberfest i knew that this day was way more packed than the day b4...and i was motivated..not only for some more great beer..but to make it all throughout the day...Friends were at the Hofbrau tent again so i went ther..this time however i could not get inside the i stumbled around frustratingly to try and sneak myself but that as i was walkin around i found some friends on the outside(they had tables outside) sat down and started drinking some nice cold beer...chilled ther for some time and managed to find more friends..after that me and paul walked around the tent tryin to find we did there was a break in security and ppl bullrushed the we plowed and managed to get ourselves was crazy in ther..bout 2 times more packed than the day b4 and about 10 decibels louder..and it was great
fantastic times...and i had one of the best rotisserie chickens of my life their..maybe it was the combination of beer or just the atmosphere but i honestly think it was the best tasting bird ever. i had 2 bratwurts..but i dotn remember them being that good..the chicken was definitly the highlight

the middle of the day is kind of a blur..all i know is whatever i did was fun..and i dont have seems like my pictures skip from mornin to night..unless i was in the hofbrau tent for like 8 hrs which could have been a possibility.

So that night we decided to mix things up by trying out some other tents...went around to some and could not find any room...finally found an empty table outide of the Paulener tent..where these older ppl (mid 30s) had room...sat down and began the night festivities....i liked the Paulener brew better than the Hofbrau..bit lighter an went down better.

the 30yr old couple we sat with were cool..they worked for the airforce in germany and london..the guy was the biggest tool ever..however i gained some respect for him as he bought us all a round of beers....definitly a white trash guy..who acted like he was 21 who wanted to be black..aka a wigger...either way it was funny and didnt take away from any of the enjoyment..more songs..dancing..and beer

that is seriously pretty much it..that night dont really know how i got home but i did..with a stine a stole from paulener...and i remember i managed to talk my way past a cop with it..i told her in italian and english that i actually paid for it at the was about a 2 minute ordeal..and somehow she just let me go..either times

words cant even describe this weekend..not even pictures. i will be back Oktoberfest..o yes i will...met so many ppl..drank so much beer..ate fat..and unfortunately didnt go on any rides but i guess that wasnt the reason i was ther.

leave u with my favorite picture of the it was fun..this i still have about 2 million more u got any questions ask me..and i can go into more detail...peace out and sorry for the long ass post..prague in 4


  1. pretty sick.. hella jealous i wish i was still there

  2. Great stuff Cus. So jelous of you right now. Hope all is well keep in tough cugino. Ciao.