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This post comes 4 days late as this week has been hell and its been the first time ive let school and stress effect my time here..its bullshit..first time ive busted out a research paper longer than 10 pages...and my other 10 page paper was due yesterday, however i got an extension due to both papers bein due on the same day...well yea so heres the interlaken recap

Train left at approx 11:06 from Firenze and we were on r way.. had another sleeper car and as always it was gonna be a long ride and a grand old time. arrived in interlaken on friday morning at 645. second we stepped off the train it was chilly...probly like 35 degrees...
Walked about 2 miles to one of europes top 10 hostels...Balmers. truly a great establishment and will be goin back ther someday,

So Friday was an early morning and didnt get much sleep on the trian but ther was stuff needed to be the first day we hiked to Harder Klum, which overlooks all of interlaken and provides some spectacular views. Unfortunately, the weekend we went ther was pretty bad far as tons of fog, and haze, therefore hindering these spectacular views. the hike to harder klum was a heavy breather but i wasnt goin to interlaken not expectin some tough and long hikes... 2hr 45 min to the top straight incline
you can barely see it but thers restaurant on the top of the hill in this picture..thats where we climbed too..pretty remarkable

Heres the restaurantso after we chilled up top for a bit, we began the treck downwards(ther was a tram goin up the mountain, however were not pussies and we didnt want to spend 20 euros when we could do it for free) hikes r always more satisfying

That day when we hiked the trail we saw a little campfire place on the trail, so we planned to go back ther late that night and do a bonfire, so thats what we did. Hiked up liek 10 minutes and sparked a fire. it was great times...the bonfire pit was located on a ledge that overlooked all of interlaken..tons of fun and a great night

Next day we went to Schilthorn, one of the many mountains in the area. Took a train to Lauterbrunnen , took a bus to Gimmelwald, and then embarked on about a 30 minute gondola ride to the top of Schilthorn. dont know wher this pict is from..i think gimmelwald

So on top of Schilthorn is the worlds first revolving restraunt. also a James Bond movie, forget the name, one of the older ones in the 60s or somethin...was filmed ther

Unfortunately, like i said the weather was not too good, therefore hindering some the spectacular views of the other monstrous landscapes. however it was like that all weekend and ther was no way of knowing how it was gonna be beforehand..either way it was cold and it was a good time bein in the snow...we sat in the revolving restraun for a bit, ate some lunch, had some hot chocolate, and watched some of the james bond flic..good times

That night we went to the local bowling alley..pretty fun, then after that we went round 2 on the bonfire pit overlooking interlaken. countless memories of just chillen around the fire.

Next day(Sunday) we embarked toward Grindalwald to head up to First...this was goin to be another fun filled day of gondalas. bout a 45 minute ride in a little 6 seater gondola. stopping at random towns on the way up to the mountain

Once we got to First we did an hr hike to Lake Bachalspee, which is known for its beautiful crystal clear reflections of the mountain scenery on its water...but as we expected the weather would be shitty and those views would not exist...however still cool and freezin in the snow but we made the best of it,
Interlaken had plenty to see with great scenery and i know i didnt do half the things i wanted to, so i will definetly be goin back ther and doin those things...really reminded me of Canada(Banff) and a bit of tahoe and yosemite here and ther.. either way really relaxing.

Srest of Sunday we just relaxed and hung out at the hostel for a bit and hit up Balmers bar before we embarked on r night train. great weekend

Once again i got some more videos comin up..should have them by monday

this weekend i was supposed to go to prague again but funds were low, so this weekend im goin to see where my grandparents were born and stay with my relative sergio..lookin foward to this as this is my heritage and i will HAVE to speak italian the entire time

CIAO peeps

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