Sunday, August 19, 2007

London over....Italia is here

what up what up...after 2 great but brutal days in the UK i have arrived in Italia..plane flight was great to London...flew virgin atlantic and got hooked up with the lady at the desk... she gave me a window seat and an entire row just to myself... virgin had great movies and tv shows..watched about 3 office episodes and 4 simpson episodes as well as ZODIAC..pretty good flic.. So I arrived in London at 1030 their time and was goin off about 2 hrs of sleep in the past 24 hrs. We stayed at the Gouman hotel which is conveniently located to one of the biggest london attraction: Tower Bridge which is pictured above.. 1st thing i did when i arrived was finding the nearest ATM and gettin some pounds...insanely expensive.... 1 pound - 2 US dollars just rediculous...then we hit up some local cafe's and got some sandwiches...then got back to the hotel and powernapped it for 3 hrs and hit the town around 8. One of the girls I met here had a friend that lives in London and goes to school we got taken all around the city with her and hit up the local pubs...sports bars were sweet...the brits absolutely tear in foosball. The next day we all got up at 8 to go on a bus tour around london...visited St Pauls, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and Buckinham Palace...unfortunate that the changing of the guard was not in effect.. After the tour we had time to do whatever so me and some friends took about a 3 mile walk wherever...saw tons of street performers and listened to alot of live music...

Picture of Big Ben(not really tho b/c big ben is actually just the bell)

So today and last night were brutal...we had to leave r london hotel at 3am for r 7 am flight to Rome.. never slept b4 the flight...The flight took 2 hrs and then we finally arrived in Rome...Then we had a suprisingly rough 5 hr bus trip to where I am now: Viareggio: beach town to the west of Pisa. yea so all in all that bus ride was extremely rough...

So its 1 here i think now..and im just milkin internet off some italian..everyone else is payin 10 euro for an i got it good. Tonite we just walked around hit up the gelato bars and drank some vino. Tmw which will come around quick, we start r 1st day of school...Surprisingly barely any students have studied italian, so im one of the few in the intermediate language course...however i still need to take a placement test to pass into the class. my italian is rusty but it should come back come game we got class til 12 then probly just hit the beach for the rest of the day...gonna be alot of fun..

: sorry if sentences r unclear...coulda wrote a ton more however im extremely tired and this is already enough for u to read..should be a great 3 weeks here..keep u updated..Ciao

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  1. sounds like your having an awesome time hombre, you gotta come here during one of the festivals, they are basically every other week, it's crazy. hope to see you in one of the next months.