Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Almost packed....

So everything is laid out ready to get in the suitcases...too be honest really doesn't feel like that much...but im sure ill have a brutal time fittin all the crap in. It has it the time where i'm sayin all my goodbyes and doin the last of things in America till december...last week i played my last game of golf for 4 months..gonna miss it. tonight i probly played basketball for the last time...i would love to ball it up with some italianos but doubt it will happen...its unfortunate i will be missin the Alumni game this yr, but i got a few to look foward to for the years to come...tomorrow is my last day and night and it will be filled with packin my suitcase, and sayin goodbye to family and gettin my ipod all ready..gonna be the trip of a lifetime..below r a few picts from the packin station

just got contacts and they r sick...downside...i got a shitload of lens cleaner to bring over..that passport is just waitin to get stamped with the italian flag
shoes...shower sandals for the gross crusty hostels...night shoes, sick newbalances to hike/sightsee in/and the reefs
necessary health, hygiene and personal items....body wash, shaving cream, sunscreen for my white ass skin, cologne, mini maglite, hella advil, and of course airborne herbal remedy..
dress shirts for the Firenze night life..and some gey bag i smothered with music stickers
some of the clothes...hella socks and boxers..probly will only pack half of those
over and out

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